Effia Health Analytics solution empowers the Health Care to aggregate structured and unstructured datasets across each sub step and drive impact using predictive data modeling.

Effia Analytics Platform is able to work with multiple systems involved in the hospital cycle and process large amounts of structured and unstructured content recorded historically.

By leveraging big data technology can quickly simulate multiple scenarios which can help the hospital optimize operations.

  • Understanding unstructured clinical notes in the right context.
  • Efficiency handling large volumes of medical imaging data and extracting potentially useful information and biomarkers.
  • Analyzing genomic data is a computationally intensive task and combining with standard clinical data adds additional layers of complexity.
  • Capturing the patient’s behavioral data through several sensors; their various social interactions and communications.
Key Benefits
  • Identify and explain variations in performance.
  • Leverage business intelligence for greater accountability.
  • Enhance and accelerate decision making.
  • Amplify insights from existing solutions and data feeds.
  • Streamline organizational focus on strategic objectives.
  • Too expensive in traditional RDBMS
  • No Big Data skills available
  • Easily integrated with CRM and (WMS) Warehouse Management System
  • Require daily updates on customer profiles

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