Many governments are facing a daunting task in narrowing the gap between the government and the citizen and effectively ensuring that the citizens get all the benefits planned by the government. Many organizations are now successfully taking steps to improve government-to-citizen capability, however, to meet increasing public sector and legislative demands, organizations require close to a transformation.



Education Management System provides systematic, quality data in a well‐structured enabling environment that facilitates utilization of the information produced in planning and operations. Education Management Solution has changed the way an Academician looks at the processes involved.


Retail industry operates under one of the most dynamic and competitive environment in today’s world. Market trends keep changing at swift pace. To stay ahead and maintain competitive edge it is the need of an hour to have proper insight into the current and future scenario.


Health Care

Effia Health Analytics solution empowers the Health Care to aggregate structured and unstructured datasets across each sub step and drive impact using predictive data modeling. Effia Analytics Platform is able to work with multiple systems involved in the hospital cycle and process large amounts of structured and unstructured content recorded historically.


Effia provide an innovative “Big Data” analytics solution that meets the needs of logistics service provider looking to extract actionable intelligence from mountains of data in timely fashion. eARQUERO consolidates operational data in real-time from multiple data sources, integrates business logic and complex calculation, and provides real-time analytical capabilities for timely decision making related to your supply chain.



Effia enables you to spear exactly the data you need among the ocean of data stored in Hadoop-whether it is structured or unstructured data, historical or real-time. Effia easy to use interface solves the challenge of using Hadoop, eliminating the need to be an expert–anyone can prepare and discover data and apply it to the organization.


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