Retail industry operates under one of the most dynamic and competitive environment in today’s world. Market trends keep changing at swift pace. To stay ahead and maintain competitive edge it is the need of an hour to have proper insight into the current and future scenario.

Decisions are to be taken at much faster speed and efficiently based on real world data. This creates need for real time data integration with MIS systems at much faster speed, to facilitate right decision at right time.

effia provides customized solutions for retail industry to maintain competitive edge by enabling quick and timely decision making.

eARQUERO is an enterprise level solution to spot, dig out and analyze organizational data being accumulated on day to day basis.

Product has different modules built on statistical model tailor made for catering to retail business challenges.

  • Understanding customer behavior and pointed promotions for perspective buyers
  • Maintaining high customer retention
  • Quick response to changing market trends
  • Ensuring higher availability during peak season

Key Benefits
  • Customer analytics
  • Fast Movers , Slow movers and Product affinity
  • Loss prevention
  • Vendor profitability

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