Effia enables you to spear exactly the data you need among the ocean of data stored in Hadoop-whether it is structured or unstructured data, historical or real-time.

Effia easy to use interface solves the challenge of using Hadoop, eliminating the need to be an expert–anyone can prepare and discover data and apply it to the organization.

Effia offers you an open and extensible platform that makes it possible to easily integrate all kinds of new and existing service, ranging from specific import/export functions to specialised algorithms for fraud, customer profiling.

  • Store all (historical) data in a single location
  • Creating a 360 degrees customer view
  • Requires daily updates on profiles
  • Integrating across multi-channel
Key Benefits
  • Growth in sales by offering next logical item
  • Multi-channel customer tracking and management
  • Fraud Detection (eg, in returns or measuring credit risk for large purchases)
  • Dynamic forecasting
  • Too expensive in traditional RDBMS
  • No Big Data skills available
  • Easily integrated with CRM and (WMS) Warehouse Management System
  • Require daily updates on customer profiles

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