Effia provide an innovative “Big Data” analytics solution that meets the needs of logistics service provider looking to extract actionable intelligence from mountains of data in timely fashion.

eARQUERO consolidates operational data in real-time from multiple data sources, integrates business logic and complex calculation, and provides real-time analytical capabilities for timely decision making related to your supply chain.

By making instant analytics part for every step in the logistics process, eARQUERO helps you to improve your operational performance, deliver value added service to your clients and ultimately gain a competitive edge.

Dealing effectively with BIG DATA ultimately translate into the capacity to analyze massive amounts of volatile and heterogeneous data, to extract intelligence from these data in real-time and finally, to share that intelligence with stakeholders involve in supply chain.

Traditional data warehouse and business intelligence tools are no longer adequate to meet service provider’s needs for real-time intelligence.

  • Dataware house does not all on the fly updates to data. Because they involve batch processing, they usually lack the flexibility need to meet the changing information requirement.
  • Traditional BI tools are built for reporting purposes and focused on “what happened?” However logistics service provider need predictive capabilities, such as scenario analysis and simulation to better anticipate “what might happen?”

Consequently, analyzing BIG DATA requires new innovative technologies that support informed and timely decision making.

Key Benefits
  • Gain real time visibility into the supply chain
  • Optimize capacity planning and delivery forecasts
  • Analyze operational data instantly from multiple data sources
  • React quickly to clients changing demands
  • Increase service levels
  • Run what-if analysis and scenario testing to simulate impact of decision
  • Provide customers with self-service views and data queries
  • Reduce inventory

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